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How Missing Stencils Become Visual Metaphors of Distance, Disappearance and Delusion

The public art project Missing, the poster child of Leena Kejriwal is creating mass awareness about the perils of human trafficking in India through its larger than life silhouettes and street art projections. Besides creating awareness with gawking silhouettes against urban skyline in major cities, depicting a black hole into which hundreds of innocent girls disappear every year, Missing has come out with another child trafficking awareness campaign, a parallel of symbolism of silhouettes – The Stencil Project.

This time, the black silhouette will be visible through the stencils – for that a kit is provided along with a literature to shed light upon the palpable issue of human trafficking, while making each individual a spokesperson on behalf of Missing.

The main objective is to go on creating a constant reminder for all those poor souls who lost themselves into the voluptuous, heinous holes of despair and helplessness and also those who are being saved. In this regard, what you have to do is simply download the Do Yourself Stencil Kits and be a part of the movement Stencil and start drawing the neighboring walls to show your support to #EndDemand.

For the full blog, click - #MISSINGIRLS Stencil Campaign

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